Fine Art: Personal Work

Imagination and creativity are given to each one of us upon birth. Some hold onto it, but others are judged (unjustly) as non-artistic and become disconnected from that part of them. I believe that even if rejected long ago, that hibernating seed can be roused and grow strong if coaxed past disempowering beliefs and inner conflict.

In my own life, my skills have been encouraged, but my early years as an artist were weighed down by self-doubt. Recently I’ve learned how to diminish those thoughts and now know the joy of allowing curiosity—rather than judgement—to lead. This frees me from the perfectionistic tendencies I have, allowing the creative process to become a celebration of random synchronicities that pay tribute to the imagination.

In letting myself go, I invite imagination along. Then, through layers of paint that both conceal and reveal, the rich and complex layers create visual poems that invite viewers to enter the space between what was and what will be.

The below images represent a small sampling of my most recent paintings. To see more, please visit my Instagram account. Take a peek behind the scenes at my studio or check out my blog. Or if you are interested in purchasing any of my work, please contact me.