Learning to Let Go

I recently took a class from art brut extraordinaire, Jesse Reno, who helped me see painting from a different angle. Watching and listening to him as he created his detailed and extraordinary creations before my eyes was enough to change my perspective about creative expression. He had a lot to say about life as well – about letting go of the end result and letting surprise, chance, and fate take you where it will.

The artwork below may or may not be done. I'll see what I think of them in a week or so. I have a couple others that aren't ready for prime time so I'm not posting those.

I am still processing all the things I learned during my week with Jesse, so I'm not where I will be in a month or a year, but it was a fantastic kick-start / ass-kicking to helping me move in the direction I want to go. I have a lot of unlearning to do...