New Pathways

Parting is such sweet sorrow and new beginnings lead to new possibilities. But there tends to be misgivings, misadventures, or possibly missteps along the way. To avoid negative consequences, the moment I left the social enterprise I started and nurtured for 21 years, I began working with a career coach to help me suss out what it was exactly that I should do with the rest of my professional life. 

The process was both enlightening and difficult—I had learned so many different skills as a small business owner, so it was important to recognize what activities truly energized me so that I could make those a priority during my new search. Putting it on paper was clarifying. I realized that I had learned how to create and manage a budget, work with a variety of personalities, coach and mentor employees, and make order out of chaos. I could do all these things again, but what was my best use? My coach helped me realize that design thinking is what makes me stand apart. My background in design and my interest in business processes and entrepreneurship give me a unique perspective and ability to problem-solve. 

As I consider the many employment paths that are out there, I continue to redefine my niche and explore new possibilities. I'll be taking on contract and freelance work to keep me connected, learning, and growing. I want to offer workshops to encourage latent creativity in others. And naturally, feeding my own inner creative muse will be part of my daily routine. I'll have time to explore various art methods and techniques. It's exciting... and addicting.  

Living in the unknown is actually not something I'm comfortable with. I am a planner and not knowing what next week or next month holds is hard for me. I don't know how exactly I'll pay the mortgage in two months, but with each new meeting and each new project, a new path unfolds like a gift. I hope to encounter you along this journey. Maybe we can learn from and support each other along the way. After all, isn't that what life is all about?