"Steffanie is the real deal. Her leadership is stellar, her vision compelling, and her technical skill outstanding. I'll recommend her to any one, at any time, for any purpose."

—Peter Drury, Director, Chief Strategy Officer, Wellspring Family Services


The nucleus of my careers in design, social enterprise, and publishing center around creative innovation—with the audience’s experience as a top priority. These combined skills help me readily visualize unexpected connections, possibilities, and solutions that lead to inspired possibility. Small business service area include:

  • BUSINESS STRATEGY: Determining business goals (vision, mission, value proposition) • competitive research and differentiation • customer pain points, goals, behaviors, motivations

  • INTERIM OPERATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Management system and business performance audits • standardization of processes and procedures • recommend cost reductions and passive income models • creation and implementation of HR policies and employee handbook • guide implementation and adoption of Salesforce CRM systems • vendor management • mentoring, coaching, and co-creating improvement action plans for young employees

  • NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Ideation leadership for initial concepts • prioritizing details and next steps • recommendations for strategic focus on specific industry segments

"Steffanie has a keen eye for detecting problems and providing focused, concise solutions. She values collaboration and team work and knows that the BEST work happens when people have the opportunities to use their talents for good.Her many years of nonprofit management have allowed her to be focused on results that will directly impact people in a positive way. "

—Melissa Bryce Gamble, President, The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders



We are all creative by nature, but we tend to decide early on if we are an "artist" or not—but in the right environment, with the right coaxing, training, and tools, everyone can tap into this inherent talent and bolster their productivity, energy, and skills. In my workshops, teams can learn creative techniques that are immediately applicable in both personal and business settings.

You can customize a workshop to fit your group's particular interests. I will come to your space for a minimum of ten attendees for a 3-hour or 6-hour workshop. This option is perfect for small or large businesses whose teams need some inspiration. Choose from one of the following workshop models, or talk with me about customizing for a special occasion:


Tools for Transitions & Stress Management: Everyone experiences stress in different ways. This workshop allows individuals to gain a different perspective and better process transition in their lives. Using recycled magazines and ephemeral objects, we will open up to creative possibilities of making meaning through found imagery. 


The Art of Setting Your Corporate Intention: Explore your group's hopes and strengths for the company using various mixed media techniques. Drawing upon individual strengths, talents, and skills, we will create a group piece that reflects each individual's perspectives as well as a representation of corporate desires, dreams and visions. The end result is enhanced focus and concentration towards corporate goals and communal vision. Participants are encouraged to bring visual references to add to the vision collage.


Overcome Barriers to Creativity & Promote Team Innovation: Learn the art of letting go to embrace creative experimentation. Through the deliberate practice of “mistake-making,” you will learn how to turn artistic bloopers into material for even better beginnings and remove the fear of making “bad art." During our time together, you will paint using exploratory techniques and found objects (what other people call “junk”). We will begin the process of unlearning the rules, letting go of preconceived notions, and embracing the courage to freely explore the beginner’s mind. This workshop is not about talent or skill but about finding the intuitive artist within. Wear clothes you can ruin or turn into other works of art.


Celebrate a Milestone with Group Art: Whether you are celebrating a retirement, going public, or a special birthday, turn their celebration into an artistic memory that they will treasure for years to come. We will start with brainstorming about key traits and strengths that you want to celebrate and together, we will translate that into artwork that will become a keepsake or a special gift. Choose between abstract group painting, portraits on blocks, group print, or a mixed media collage booklet.


Since 2006, I have helped individuals and businesses define and expand their creativity, teaching self-expression and creative discovery using collage, acrylic paint, drawing, storytelling, and poetry. My workshops offer a memorable and non-threatening way to:

  • Build strong interpersonal relationships as well as reinforce team cohesiveness

  • Sharpen intuition and awaken the senses

  • Collaboratively problem-solve and find possibilities

  • Build confidence, increase personal well being, and job satisfaction

I offer on-site Creativity in Business workshops and keynotes for corporations and small businesses. In my workshops, participants enjoy active, hands-on creative work that prompts meaningful conversations and unlocks personal potential. I have taught in a variety of settings, ranging from intimate one-on-one settings to corporate retreats and business meetings for over 200 professionals. To inquire about a workshop, please contact me to discuss availability, costs, and options. 

Private one-on-one sessions is a great option for beginners as well as those who feel stuck and need a fresh start. Private classes are designed to give you gentle prompts, personal attention, encouragement, and a new perspective. My style is free-form and all about expression, so we won't be bothering with perspective, shading, or realism. You may or may not leave with a finished piece of artwork, but you will definitely leave with the confidence to continue exploring and growing as an artist. Choose from one of the following learning categories: collage-making, Gelli-plate mono printing, acrylic painting techniques and mark-making exploration, or a combination of poetry and collage.

"I loved the class! You made it feel like spring inside and out! I can't wait to get started again!" Marcie L., Seattle


For those in the healthcare industry, I am partnering with Hammond & Ebersole to bring an exciting new dimension to their already powerful offerings. Together, we are offering a one-day workshop to improve staff and patient loyalty, increase quality of care, and decrease burn-out and anxiety. 

Our 7-hour workshop is geared specifically toward organizations wishing to increase staff morale, offering an opportunity to: 

  • Amplify team functionality, productivity, and well-being.

  • Enhance personal resilience practices to reduce burn-out and anxiety.

  • Cultivate increased leadership presence and connection with your patients.

This workshop combines demonstration, dialog, peer-learning, and hands-on art expression for renewed commitment, clarity, compassion, and self-care. We provide practical ways for participants to take what they’ve learned back to the workplace and integrate into their lives. This is done through bringing awareness to non-productive habits, and build more effective ones to create a fulfilling work experience.

For more information, please download our informational flyer and contact me for more information.