Creative Activator with a Business mind & A Focus on the Customer Experience. 

With roots firmly in the design world as well as experience building a world-class social enterprise, I am an influencer who combines design thinking and business strategy to produce human-centered solutions, innovative products, and meaningful experiences. Work with me.



After graduating with a degree in Visual Communication, I worked in both design agencies and corporate companies using my art direction, design, writing, and illustration skills. Ten years into it, I saw a demand and an opportunity and decided to do something about it – and so Art with Heart began. My practical skills, combined with my passion for helping the under-served, found the perfect partner in the social venture space.

My creative acumen coupled with hard-won business skills and pragmatic problem-solving allowed me to produce exceptional results in product development, instructional design, and program success. I changed lives, transformed an industry, and built a not-for-profit whose products have been distributed internationally to over 155,000 people in need.